Precision Rifle

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Precision Rifle

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Day one – class room and shoot center range

  • Equipment use and explanation
  • Ballistics and building accurate range cards based on your rifle and ammunition
  • Setting up the rifle, scope and fitting to the shooter
  • We will chronograph your ammunition and use ballistic programs to make data cards
  • Check weapons for any potential problems

Day two – everglades, fl

  • Various shooting drills
  • Sling shooting
  • Bipod shooting
  • Soft support shooting
  • Basics of wind reading
  • Basics of environmental effects for long range
  • Establish true scope adjustments versus advertised
  • Cleaning and care of rifle

Packing list

  • Rifle capable of sub 1 moa accuracy
  • Calibers .223 remington minimum
  • 300 wm maximum
  • 400 rds of match grade ammunition. No reloaded ammunition unless pre-approved by mike miller. This is for safety reasons
  • Scope with at least 10 power on top end (contact us for recommendations!)
  • Good rings and mounts for scope and rifle (contact us for recommendations!)
  • Rifle shooting sling (contact us for recommendations!)
  • Bipod (contact us for recommendations!)
  • Rifle data book
  • One piece cleaning rod
  • Chamber guide
  • Brass bore brush
  • Cleaning patches of correct caliber for rifle
  • Bore solvent
  • Gun oil

Recommended packing list

  • Drag bag